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On this page you will get an overview of my references you will see, that I’m a photographer that worked worldwide and my photos goes around the World ;)

You can find some Photos at Image Agencys like Fotolia:

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 Manuel Tennert – References 
  •  Paul Gerhardt Diakonie Protestant hospitals
  • Waldkrankenhaus Berlin specialthe Babygallery you can find on the Website
  • cover Image for Frank Dimas “Los poemas del Cuerpo”
  • Bosch Siemens
  • Sparkasse Hannover (Bank in Hannover)
  • cover Image for the Book “Das Geheimnis des Boxers” from Insa Seegebade
  • cover Image for the Book “Die schönsten Vornamen für Jungen und Mädchen”
  • Newspaper: Berliner Morgenpost
  • Journal: Vogue
  • LTC publishing House (for many russian Journals)
  • Journal Kidsgo
  • Goethe-Institute
  • Русский вояж Nr.4 (11) 2011
  • in France: Association “Le Berceau du cinéma”
  • in Turkey: Familien Education Program
  • in Spain:

Since 2006 I’ve photogrpahed nearly 4000 Babies and many private Persons!



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