Manuel in Television

Manuel Tennert is in an Report in TV on RBB (Regional TV Sender). Date: 5.01.2013 at 7 p.m. Thanks a lot to the RBB Television!

First Exhibition in Elstal (my Hometown in Germany)

From 13th October – 21 October in Elstal, my Hometown, is my first exhibition named “Miami – (un)typical America?” with absolutely great photos from Miami, Key West, Orlando. The photos in the exhibition wasn’t release till this Date…

Every Day the exhibition is opened from 4 o’clock p.m. till 9 o’clock p.m. in Elstal, Karl-Liebknecht-Platz 2d.

Last visit in Miami…

Till the 30th May I was in Miami…my second time and my love to the great town, especially to the great Country USA is grown. A part of my heart is pounding for this great Country! in the next time on this Website I will show you some great new photos of landscape and so on….

You’re Welcome.

Looking for some Fotomodels who are pregnant

Actually Model-Search: I’m looking for some photo-models, in Miami USA Florida, who are pregnant! The Photos are for marketing and Bildagencies. You become an Photo-CD with all the Photos of the Shooting that didn’t costs anything for you!

Are you interested in? Write me an Mail.

Next Visit Miami 22.5. – 30.5.2012

The next visit to Miami is fixed. So I’m at the greatest town from 22 May till 30 May. Are you interested in some beautiful photos? Then write me an Mail ;)

New Website open

My New Website for the american people are open, now. I’m very happy, that I this Website is open very fast! Please feel very welcome on my Site, enjoy your time on it and have a look at my Photos.

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