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I was born on 19th April 1979 in Staaken. Staaken was a small village near Berlin, now it is Berlin Spandau. With 6 years I started school in my hometown Elstal. Elstal is 1o Miles away from Berlin. Since my seventh Class I switched to a high school, where I also finished a theater course. This also sparked the need to push myself artistically.
In 2004 I bought my first professional camera and took me from that point on everything about photography. Only 2 years later I got my first big job in a hospital…I have to create baby photos. That job is actually!
In the next years many people, many companies buy thousands of photos in the image agencies, so my work found more and more people, that interested in my artwork.
The next goal is now, thanks to the publication of a photo on a book cover, to be a worldwide working photographer especially in Miami.


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About Me

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